Pendant Sterling Silver Auger Shell Designed by us

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Pendant Sterling Silver Auger Shell.

The emblem of peace and good faith, these snails are Carnivora which live in warmer waters and are omnipresent in the world in ancient China, the Mississippi River Valley, Sumeria or Europe. Pre-dynastic Egypt, antiquated England and excavations of grave sites in Saxon Germany have also revealed the presence of shells. Shell entities are also discovered in tombs in China's Yunnan region. They are found in the Pacific, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico (Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Me) and North America too.

Recognised as a beautiful object of the mother nature, it too holds healing properties. Auger shell invokes calmness, it is considered to be soothing, clear and cool. Shells hold the energetic intent for the meditation. According to the history, recorded it was exceedingly cherished and treasured across continents and cultures. It is too believed to serve some purposes predominantly as a personal embellishment, and as an imperative part in ceremonial matter possessing spiritual or talismanic characteristics.  It is good for completing a task with enthusiasm. The refreshing energies of this shell clear the negativity from the surrounding and promotes honesty including integrity.

Available with or without a chain. Options available

Pendant pictured with 16-18 inch adjustable sterling silver trace chain.