Pendant Sterling Silver Cornish Pixie in Pants designed by us

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Pendant Sterling Silver Our Cornish Pixie in Pants.

The Pixie or Piskie is a general name for a fairy race or tribe in Cornwall. In appearance they look like old men with wrinkled faces, and are small in stature with red hair. They dress in the colours of the earth especially green, using natural materials such as moss, grass and lichen.

Generally the piskies are seen as cheerful creatures with a prankish nature. They are said to be helpful but also mischievous, helping the elderly and infirm whilst sometimes leading the more able bodied traveller astray on the lonely moors. Many stories relate to travellers being led into the wild moorland to become hopelessly lost because of the Piskies

Available with or without a chain. Options available.

Pendant pictured with 16-18 inch adjustable sterling silver trace chain.