Pendant Sterling Silver Bluebell Designed By us

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Pendant Sterling Silver Bluebell comes in 3 sizes, small, medium & Large.

Usually, bluebell flowers symbolize gratitude and humility. However, they can also symbolize constancy and everlasting love. 

The bluebell is a flower that, though simple in nature and appearance, is entrenched in deep cultural significance. In Scotland, for example, the flowers are actually referred to as “harebells.” This is because it was believed that witches turned themselves into hares and hid among these flowers. 

In Victorian culture, bluebells were viewed as a way to communicate your feelings and thoughts – usually, those related to humility  – to others. This is probably because the flowers appear to bow modestly as they tip down on the flower spikes. 

Available with or without a chain. Options available.

Pendant pictured with 16-18 inch adjustable sterling silver trace chain.