Ring Sizing

Selecting the Correct Ring Size

The following charts will help you with finding your approximate ring size. Buying the correct ring can be tricky but the information here should help.

Rings come with different width bands and the temperature of your fingers can also play a part which makes it even harder to find the right size. As a rule of thumb you should measure your fingers when they are  at a normal temperature. We also suggest that for wider bands, you should add an extra half size or, for very wide bands, a full size.

Using your own ring

If you already have a ring that fits your finger, you can print out a handy sizing chart here and lay your ring over the circle that best fits the inside of your ring. Remember to print the chart out at 100% scaling and check the measurements with a ruler!


Using your own finger

Another way to get your ring size is to measure the circumference of your finger. You can do this by printing out the handy finger sizer here. Print it out at 100% and be sure to check the size with a ruler. Cut out the tool and wrap it around your finger to measure the size. It needs to be comfortable and also needs to slide over your knuckle.


If you need any help feel free to pop in to our store and our wonderful staff can help you with measuring and sizing.